19 Oct 2015

Cheese & Beer

I know what your thinking? "Cheese and beer?" I know right, can't be a things. My thought exactly. Saying that I was pleasantly surprised when E and got to experience the flavours of the cheese and how they work with beer.

E knows Jeff from previous jobs and now he owns his own Little Cheese Shop in Bayswater. Beautifully located at just at the train station and really only 4 stops away, I guess you can say we will be over for cheese goodies more often than our budget could manage.

Anyway big off topic then, this night we tried 4 different cheeses paired with beers from a pale ale all the way to a stout. Personally I don't like a beer but I'm always ready to try new things. From all the parings, I enjoyed all the cheese on their own but pared I enjoyed the first 3, with the stout I found it too strong for my taste buds to handle. 

Put our names down for the next tasting Jeff

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