14 Oct 2015

Happy Hassie 3

Well 3 Years down and forever to go.

My hassie, I do this every year and you just know how much i like lists and ticking off a test as done. Well Year 3 done. Besides the good old lists you known I love reflecting, looking back at what we have done, what our future holds and if our fights was worth it.

This year I feel like we have grown the most, we have grown up so much since we have been on our Hassie Adventure, that I can’t even imagine how things could have been any different. I love how we are communicating so much more, have the same goals in life - even if we need to explain and convince one or the other, but I love how much we are a team. 

I mean, don’t think we are perfect, just like everything at life YOU NEED TO WORK AT IT and make it work. Well this pass year has worked for us, there has been times where our hearts longed for each other, times I could go insane but honestly I am still filled with so much love for you that I may drown you. 

My hassie, I love you too the moon and back, more than all the stars combined and like I said since day one, I will love you forever, my forages!

Happy Wedding Anniversary.

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