11 Aug 2014

Wine Glass Bay Lookout


Have a day off together  and we wanted to do as much as possible here on the east coast. So first stop was the Wineglass Bay lookout.

Wineglass Bay is one of the top 10 beaches in the world!! Being called Wineglass Bay due to the blood of the whales staining the water during the whaling period in the 1800's.

You can understand why people flock from all over the wold to see this amazing spot. I am glad to have seen this spot although I didn't really know much about it before hand.

The walk up to this lookout is quite steep and doing it at the time you feel like you are climbing up a mountain, but when you get the the top its all worth it. You see that view and you forget all about it in an instance. Going down of course is much easier.

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