15 Aug 2014

Parade of Penguins


Bicheno is know for their fairy penguins - although your not allow to call them that but now "Little Penguins" as the gay community is offended by it. Don't know when that changed.

It was a waiting game. We are basically waiting for them to come 'home' to the shore and that is only when they want to... Think I just gave up when the first one appeared. AHHHHHH

The are soo super cute and when their little feet hit the rocks and they walk over it's just like its Happy Feet and they are tapping away to their own little song! 

Not long after that first one a few more appeared and more and more and more... There was so many it was unreal to think we were literally a few feet away and that this is just natural, no zoo or windows to keep people away, it's just there in front of me! 

They make this funny squeaking call to I guess there mate or babies. I did learn that they are actually a bird - and yes I know what else would they be but I thought since they live at sea they would be classed as some kind of fish. 

It's amazing to know we got to experience them in their natural environment as these penguins is only found in Tasmania and New Zealand. 

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