18 Aug 2014

Hassie Adventure - Week 45

This week E and I have really been discussing our options and thinking about when, what and how come things is happening...

I guess it's been a big question whether or not we are being unreasonable. We have spoken to the mangers, the general manager and to each other. For me it's almost like we are alone and no matter how hard we try we are singled out as being different and happy not being lazy at work. Funny since at work you are paid to do work! 

Anyway like I have said before we are really happy with the location we are at and the money but  just leaving isn't something we like to do

Who knows where we are with our thoughts next week.

  • Km Driven: 561
  • Places of Interest: None
  • Paid Accommodation: None
  • $$ Spent: $172.64
  • Gas:
    • Liters- 87.88
    • $- $139.84
    • Places
      • Bicheno

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