5 Aug 2014

Christmas Day

Working on Christmas Day isn't anything new but working in a different environment and it being hospitality, made me want to run away from mankind and all their stupidly.

Christmas Day we had a big seafood buffet and at dinner a carivery. Lunch I was lucky enough to be working and just like every other staff member serving the 300 people we had in for lunch. It was amazing to see people and I know I am just as guilty doing the same when I am in the situation, but now I know how it comes across to others. Some people were grabbing so much food and as you clear the plates, you get to see just how much food gets wasted and left on their plate. In this buffet we had half crayfish cooked natural and the amount of crayfish I thru out because people knew they didn't like it but wanted to try it anyway!!! Some people... drive me crazy

Dinner I was working with E in the bistro and I could belief how busy it was and E was working by himself... No further comment

I will leave this just there because I guess you can say we were very happy to be at home after a crazy day like that.  Only to be kept up by the party next door!!!

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