29 Aug 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 37 - Honeymoon Bay

This was most likely the most uncomfortable sleep we had since this travel but the most interesting and fun spot yet! 

Let me explain. 

This was the day we left Churinga and the day E had a seizure. As we left Churinga in such a hurry we had not planned a place to lay our head down for the night! So our lovely neighbour Henry was already going on a camping spree with friends so he invited us with. 

After a long day of E recovering, penguin watching and Ice cream adventures we made our way to the spot at about 9pm.

Now sleeping on a beach was something we wanted to do but having to set up a tent at 9pm was something we didn't anticipate would be so easy for some and challenging of others 

Waking up super early not to get caught by the rangers (as we aren't aloud to sleep on this beach) was a different challenge all together as E and I like to sleep in, but we got up at the crack of dawn and say the saw the sun peeping thru - Click here to see photos.

We got to watch our crazy friend 'shower' in the freezing cold ocean and then sneaking by the ranger to have some breakfast at tombolo's!

Best adventure spot experience ever!!

We give this spot 4 Hassie carrots

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