3 Aug 2014



When we finally got a day off together and got to organised for ourselves to go on the Freycinet adventure - kayaking tour.

Not to sure what to expect but exited none the less. Getting there we sign our life away and tell them "yes we can swim", life jackets on and instruction on how to start the kayaks. In the kayaks and we are on the open sea, not much movement and you can fall in and then you will be wet and in the deep dark ocean.

Who knew that simple tasks like kayaking could test your marriage - we survived but not before a few words were mumbled and a well needed swapping spots for the other to drive and direct while in the kayak. 

At first E was at the back having to steer but we ended up very far from the group and having me say 'we have to be there', 'go left' and 'we are going to crash'. Realizing he does know this and of course can see what's going on around him. We did swap after our cuppa and although he won't admit it I was better at steering - there was a couple who, I guess can be called reckless kayakers, zig zagging between all the kayaks and causing plenty of near misses. So I admit it wasn't all E fault.

Would do that all again, I thought it would be scary knowing there are all kind of "gogo's" (bugs) are just underneath us.... I'm the kind of person who is scared of the creepy crawly and don't like being in water I can't see underneath me. So I think I did pretty well in this situation confiding my silly fears of the ocean.

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