17 Aug 2014

New Years Eve

By now I'm well sick and can hardly talk without coughing, people can hardly hear me talk as I have almost no voice but I'm at work and trying my absolute best! 

E was working in the bistro and I was working on the Resturant and we have a set menu and 2 seating for the night. First seating went past quick and then around 10:30pm I got to go home since I am working breakfast the next day, I was so tiered and sick I just wanted to crawl in bed but instead E and I started to pack our things since we decided we will only stay one more week at least! 

At 12am E was in the bathroom and while I was sorting out paper work... We celebrated New Years 10 minuets later with poppers I took from work. 

Hope your New Years was just as entertaining as ours! 

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