6 Jan 2014

New Years Resolution 2013 - Review

Its been a year already and reading back my New Years Resolution of last year seeing if I can cross some off.

Lets have a look at my NY Resolution of last year -
  • Spend more time with E - Think I have done this one very well. I'd like to continue this one for as long as possible though.
  • Try something new everyday - Well thinking back I have tried new things but not every day. maybe I should review this one and make it a resolution that is easier to accomplish. 
  • Complete a years worth of 'Photo a Day" - This is still going I started late in the year but this is how its been so far - Click Here
  • Be less Angry - Well, I have been working on this. E still knows how to push my buttons but I am a work in progress. This will be carried to next years Resolutions
  • Be less Controlling - I have been letting go but in some situations I still like to be in control. I will have to carry this one to next year.
  • Be more Motivated - I think I have been since we are still traveling and have done so much things. 
  • Be more Organised - I have been able to stick to one system and I am very proud of it. My blogs are going up every second day and is consistent. I deserve a golden star.
  • Eat less McDonalds' - E and I have been thru withdrawals and worked very hard. No more Maccas and I don't think we could go back to that habbit. I did help that we are so isolated and that there is no McDolands' around every corner. Thank you Tasmania for only having 5 in the whole state.
  • Play the Violin - I would very much like to play it again but I think this will have to wait in till I am back home. No point on having it as a resolution with I don't even have it with me.
  • Go to the Beach more - E and I have worked on this where possible. Tasmania has been cold and we did live on a mountain. this will defiantly be going on next years list.
  • Do my exercise program - Nope that was a BIG fail. I don't even know what it was. Hmm Maybe just exercise in general.
  • Get back into Photography - I have been taking photo's but nothing really as art. I think E enjoys it much more than I do. I have picked up many other things I enjoy to do much more than this.
5 Out of 13 less than 50% but I am trying and I am happy with that.
Lets hope I do better next year.

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