20 Jan 2014

Summac Lookout


This lookout we came across while E was still figuring out if we are lost or going to right way. We may have had a few words as all his job is directing us to the places we go, but sometimes I think he has difficulty readying map. 

This look out if all part of the Tarkine Rain Forrest we wanted to 'visit', its also the first Stop on the South Arthur Forrest Drive. 

Its just a spectacular look out and you get lost with the idea that out there in the forrest full of animals and all kind of forrest things.

I personally have visited a actual forrest. Now the Tarkine contains an extraordinary expanse of temperate rainforest - one of the world's greatest remaining tracts of temperate rainforest. Running continuously for more than 70km and reaching beyond the Arthur and the Pieman rivers. This tracts of rainforest is Australia's largest single tract of rainforest wilderness. Globally it is one of the most significant remaining tracts of temperate rainforest left on the planet.

* From The Tarkine Website*

On the third photo - I have never seen this post before and actually had to google if Bull Dust if an actual thing. I know Bull dust being an expression, so when it said there Bull Dust ahead I thought it was a joke and started cracking up. E couldn't remember what it actually is but reassured me its real. 

Now I am told via google that it is actually very soft, powdery dust. I can inform you that with all the rain we did not come across any Bull Dust.


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