8 Aug 2013

Hassie Adventure - Week 9

Well I know last week was a post that almost makes me sound lazy to socialise and make friends or just talk to people.

Now I haven't tried making friends but through just casual chatting and working with people you get to know people and yes then they become friends. I haven't gone out of my way to make friends or to get to know people but it happened. Its interesting all I was doing was being polite make casual conversation and TADA friends. Now I don't think people can say they can't make any friends, cause all it takes is casual conversation.

Well besides making friends or at least one, E and I have done a bit of exploring. Working at the lodge we get to do all the activities for free, the actual prices ranging from $15 to $85.

On this past weeks Activity Guide we did the Wildlife Night Spot light tour. Which I will do a post next. We have been trying to get into the Dove Lake Canoe tour but the weather has not been permitting and there needs to be a few more people than just 2 going. I am hoping to get to do it soon as winter is coming to an end and then it will stop.

We went to town on our day off and got some supplies. Which consists of
  • Anzac biscuits
  • Monte Carlo biscuits
  • Shortbread Cream biscuits
  • Coke
  • Oats
  • LCM bars
  • Grape Fanta
 Then I got some toiletries, the usual shampoo and conditioner, soap etc.

I realise what we got isn't at all good supplies but I would like to remind you that living here we get food included in our work package so we don't have to worry about cooking food or buying food. Works our well - we get to save heaps!!

We will see what kind of adventures we can do next weeks and get to share with you.

  • Km driven this week - 343
  • Places of Interest - 
    • Wildlife Night Spotlight Tour
  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - $593.7
  • Gas - 
    • Litres -37.56
    • $ - $65.83
    • Places - 
      • Cradle Mountian
      •  Launceston

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