14 Aug 2013

Hassie Adventure - Week 10

Gosh each week goes past so fast, this is week 3 on the mountain. Well new challenge that came upon us this week is the COMMON COLD!

I am the worst person to be sick - E can Vow for that. I know I know... 'but Chante' you are a nurse". Well I reckon  that is why I am such a baby with being sick. I am always the one who gets sick!! I HATE IT...

Gosh it started with a sore throat, then a runny nose and this crappy dry cough that does help even coughing. Why is there something like this in the world!! Just annoying - That what I say!!

Well I am glad I get it now - then whey it does start to snow I am not going to get sick AGAIN and I can enjoy the cold, wet weather.
Speaking of snow - It is already snowing on the mountain which is supper exited!! YAY!!

To Do list when It snows
  • Snow Angel
  • Snow ball fight
  • Yellow snow
  • Build a Snow Man or bunny
  • Eat Snow - not the yellow snow
YAY I can't wait. Any suggestions please share...

E and I did go into the National Park this weeks and wow - its is out of this world.

Will post some photos up soon...

  • Km driven this week - 4
  • Places of Interest - 
    • Cradle Mountain - Dove Lake
    • Dove Lake - Boat House
    • Dove Lake - Glacier Rock
  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - $172.60
  • Gas - 
    • Litres - None
    • $ - Nothing
    • Places - None

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