2 Aug 2013

Instagram - July


Every month I choose my favourite photos I posted in the last month and share them with you. I also give you more of an idea what happened behind the photo.

Lets see what July had install for me -

  1. "What's in the bucket?"- These little cheeky skippy's are all over the place and if you had to go thru my phones photo's it will be  photo a day photos, skippy's and wombats I spot around "home". This one on the other hand made my hart melt - While working we carry biscuits in buckets to stock up the rooms, these skippy's must smell it. Standing outside waiting for my partner to finish, this little one started to pull on my bucket trying to open it. I just had to snap a photo.
  2. "First ever snowman" - I know it looks nothing like a snowman and a bit retarded but it was quick and my hand were freezing. We got some snow over night and being the first time I am old enough to actually enjoy it I had to make a snow man. 
  3. "My First docket!! yay" - I have started working in the tavern and been training on the till. Since I am new I have been using the supervisors log in and learning with them. Now I am not training anymore, I got my own!! yay of course I had to keep my First ever docket!!
  4. "Family Portrait!!" - Face time is the closes we can get to a family portrait. Even though its not the full family, E is missing and my little brother. This was a quick trial I guess for the day we can get it done with everyone in it. Love this photo though!!
  5. "I have transformed into a bunny!" - Oh how I love my mother. She send me a package with a Rabbit Onesie!! Now since this is the Rabbit Hole you can guess why I love it some much!! Besides it being so cold on the mountain and me basically living in it, I can get enough of it. Ps, I am not the only one on the mountain with a onesies - we can just about start a rugby team on onesie players.
  6. "How great is this" - Again me and the skippy's, you might get sick of the amount I post, but who can say they have a photo like this?? I was sitting again waiting for my partner to finish when a skippy jumped up to see if there is biscuits again. Me being a total meany tricked him to come closer for a photo!! Worth the photo but sorry I hurt your feeling Skippy.
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