27 Oct 2014

Queen Victoria Night Markets


Going to the QVM is somthing everyone says you have to do!! We have walked thru it before where poeple are yelling 'musharoooom MUSHHHAROOOOOM' very humours. E still mimics it every now and then!!! 

This time around it was different, we heard about the night markets and E and I extended our stay in Melbourne just for that really - not a bad choice. 

We arrived not long after 5pm and it was busy but a nice kind of busy. Walked thru once and as soon as we thought about getting food - BOOM!! It's like busses and busses if people got off and walked thru. I think being in Tasmania where there is almost no people at markets like these is a bit overwhelming, and when you can hardly walk without bumping into someone its crowded.

Finally found a spot to eat our dinner and as I do when I am starving, I just about inhaled it! E got into the sangria and knowing him, it won't end to well... 

Getting a few nice bits and bobs and getting stuck at a shop for 1hour cause I can't choose which one I like. 

It was soon too busy for me to Handle, that I asked E if we could leave well kinda told me we SHOULD leave.

I'm pretty pooped and have had enough of the city life. 

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