29 Oct 2014

A Bent Spoon

Walking around the markets you always see things that's nothing new - bags, gypsy cloths, jewellery and the usual this, the usual that. This time around I found a little something so special and so unique that I need to spread the word!! 

A man by the name Greg Mann has thought outside the box and has made something people tend think is junk, old or a waste of space. To me and my Nan it's something I can share a special memory with and end up being more of a keepsake.  

Gregg is making unique jewellery out of culinary items like souvenir spoons and many other items. The spoons are of importance for me, as my nan has for as long as I can remember, been collecting spoons from all around. Since E and I have been traveling I have been adding a few to her collection from some of the spots we pass by. 

I was very surprised to come across the exact same spoon I bought her in Tasmania but was made into a ring. Knowing my nan I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be into wearing such an unusual jewellery item so hoping and pushing my luck I was wondering I he had the exact same spoon again but in a necklace. With a sad no, I thought great now to look for a something else close to this. 

Greg kindly offered to bent the soon back and creat a necklace then and there for me to sent over. With that I knew I'd be the favourite grandchild EVER.

I recommend this to any and everybody reading this post to visit his Facebook page and see if something tickles your fancy on his online shop. 

Our generation is in fact all about recycling.. 

From me and my now bedazzled nan thank you very much for your kind heart to help and be one to think outside the box.

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