25 Oct 2014

Australia Centre for Contemporary Arts (ACCA)

Last time E and I were in Melbourne, E wanted to visit the Contemporary Art gallery but we never found it. This time around we found it. 

I don't have much of an understanding of contemporary art or what makes something contemporary. To me it's something unusual but at the gallery there was 5 films going in different rooms some with music some silent, no description just what they were filled with and the artist name. I guess this makes you interpret the film for yourself? 

There was on piece called the 'Projector' I can't remember the artist name but it had a actual movie film projector running - it was a silent film and this film projector you hear running. 

The piece being displayed was a type writer being sprinkled with snow. Since there is not description and I didn't ask - for me I thought it represents how words is being lost behind white noise. White notice for in his situation was internet site using the written word - twitter, Facebook, blogger etc. 

Words don't have as much as of an effect, behind all the white noise on the Internet.... 

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