21 Oct 2014

Lunch with my Tasmanian Favourites

Saying goodbyes is the worse thing to do in my opinion.  I always say 'until we meet again' as I truly mean it and that I want to make the effort to meet again!

For the few people I wanted to see before we leave 'our' Island Tasmania - two made the effort and joined me and E for a last lunch! 

It's funny how time flies and it's is all goodbyes, tears and promises then before you know it they are gone and you are off doing your own thing. These days with technology and things it's easier to keep in touch with message here and a snapchat there but is all well, only if everyone wants to 'keep in touch' as much as you do. 

I always try and text, snapchat, phone and now snail mail as much to remind these special people the are still part of my life. I stop as soon as I feel they don't give as much as I do. 

My favourites has shown me, I'm something to them too and for that I am very thankful and would keep them just for being so genuine to me. 

I will miss these favourites a considerable amount and until we meet again.

All the love from the bottom of my heart....

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