23 Oct 2014

Sprit of Tasmania


Thinking back at the last time we were in this boat we were sleeping thru the whole trip as it of course was a night trip. It's interesting being on a boat for about 8/9 hours doing nothing, sitting around reading, no reception so no face booking etc. I got to do quite a few blogs as I planned which made me happy and made the time fly by.

We had live entertainment, got to have a buffet lunch and lounged around literally. Quite nice to sit and do nothing and not to worry to be somewhere, do something or get ready for camping somewhere and when the boat stops we will be in a completely different place not to mention different state. 

Getting into the boat was stressful, thinking back I had difficulty trying to drive up a steep ramp when Van Gogh was still cold, praying to not stall and roll down is a feeling I don't want to come across again! We got to park at the very top level which was a relief as I was worried we might re-inact the last time... What a relief!   

Glad we got to experience the 2 different kind if trips the Sprit Of Tasmania offers.

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