15 Oct 2014

Shoe Fence

Driving up and down the east cost your will catch something and quickly make a mental note to go back and see what it all about. 

The last time we drove up from Hobart I made a point and even turned around to go see this Shoe Fence full of shoes that I kept on spotting and wanted to stop and see what is going on and maybe even leave mine behind. 

Stopping there, it seems kinda out of place. There is no reason visible why it is even there and why there is shoes on a fence, a little disappointing. I was expecting more shoes but we stopped anyway and I did leave my shoes there for no reason what so ever but to say I have left my shoes on a fence. 

Thinking back I wished I did put our names on them or something as proof it's our shoes etc. 

Something I never thought I'd do but - tick.

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