7 Oct 2014

Bay of Fires

If you tell people you went to the East cost of Tasmania they will ask you 2 things, that is if they are even aware of this place called Tasmania.

1. Did you see Wineglass bay?
2. Did you go to the Bay of Fires?

Yes we have done both but, of us going to the Bay of Fires was a bit disappointing. Not sure if it's because we got to live on the east coast and got to see some beautiful beaches and those red rocks but soon we got there the weather was turning raining and dull - not a good start.

I guess it could also be because we knew we were leaving Tasmanian soon and just wanted to get going... Not sure.

We can say we have done it and hope other have a better experience than what we did.

Think it would have been better if the sun was out - but then again it's Tasmania, the sun is only a guest at times. 

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