13 Oct 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 44 - Treasure Island Lauceston


On our way to Devenport from the East Coast we chose to break up our drive and stay at Launceston. Been in Lauceston many time before we choose to just settle in for the afternoon and read some books, do the washing  and organise the car before the boat trip back to the main in a few days. 

All the facilities is beautifully kept and the laundry one of the best ones we have been in. 

During the night is was a different story, it was so hot we had difficulty sleeping with our doors close but having our doors open the noise from the high way right next to the caravan park would keep everyone up. E and I found it very difficult and troublesome to fall asleep and have a peaceful rest.  For this reason we are giving it 1 Hassie Carrot.


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