9 Oct 2014

House 17 Family


Since we left in such a hurry and didn't quite get to 'pose' for our family photo. I do have few photo's taken during the time we stayed there, I'll claim to be my family photo's.

Thinking back to when we moved in, we had the whole house to ourselves and was told there wasn't anyone expected to moved in. Our first day at work, got told someone has moved in - great. All our stuff is around and we kinda made our selfs at home. 

Arriving home and meeting Henry was a pleasant surprise. This thin scrawny looking guy with a big warm smile. He soon became someone we don't think we can ever forget and sharing a birthday with E makes even more special.

Then there was Stacy the loud one. She is such a bubbly personality I feel I need her around to make my sparking water bubble more. She is kind, sweet and has so many traveling stories to tell. 

A small family this time but a close one at heart. 

A sudden departure but hopefully get to catch up shortly.

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