11 Apr 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure Spot 62 - BIG4 Anglesea Holiday Park

We were hoping to be further down the road and closer to home but E wanted to get something 'for the future' which happened to be golf clubs - lie we will be professionally golf players back home! Well we got some golf clubs (at a bargain) and E made sure to get me a golf hat - so I didn't miss out. 

Anyway by the time E finished his shopping spree it was 6pm and the sun is going to bed! So that meant for us to seek shelter. There was no free camps around but we did find a well kept caravan park with Kangaroos (real ones at that) with an indoor heated swimming pool. 

Well naturally we enjoyed a dip in the pool, shower in the unisex bathroom  and a cuddle to keep warm. 

All in all we enjoyed it and loved waking up to kangaroos next to our van. 

4 Hassie Carrots for you!!

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