9 Apr 2015


I never thought I would eat wild mushrooms, especially after you hear horrific stories of people picking mushrooms in the woods and dying from intoxicating poisoning levels. 

Well guess you will do anything for love. When E asked me to spot in beside to road between the Pine Trees. I  stopped thinking her may beed to pee, but to my surprise we went hunting for some wild Pine mushrooms...

I never heard of these before nor tried them from a shop, E reassured me they were 100% safe if they are the kind he thought they were. 

They were absolutely huge and smelt like fresh rain and when we cooked them (E tried it first and did not die) tasted YUMMO!! We had them pan friend with some rice or was it bread. Gosh I can only remember how delicious the mushrooms tasted that who knows what we had with them.

I certainly don't recommend you pick any kind of mushrooms unless your 100% sure they are safe for eating. After we had dinner and my anxiety about dying, E reassure me that they actually cooked with these mushrooms up on the mountain. He could have told me sooner. 

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