23 Oct 2013

Paradise Bridge


I have found driving in Tasmania that if you take a different turn it feels like you are in a completely different world, E and I took a different road home and drove thru a little town called Paradise and its really is paradise, its just beautiful. E and I came across this bridge people drive over to and from town as you would do, We just had to stop and ended up staying there for some time. 

There is some table where you can stop and have a picnic. E and I had some Tea and defiantly took heaps of photos. Perfect reason to use my new camera but I never charged it and so no use. E on the other hand had his so never fear E was there. 

He will be posting some of his photo's on his Tumblr (Here

I love Tasmania I don't think I could ever leave - Sorry mum you will have to move here.

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