11 Oct 2013

Hassie Adventure - Month 4 (Week 16)

This week E and I tried to be gym junkies. We lasted 3 days of 30mins each session. We tried to make it a thing straight after E finishes work,  but it seems the be the time everyone chooses to go to the gym - and not being a full gym junky it's a little intimidating.

We have thought about going before work - but who will get up earlier before work to work out! We want to get fit and work out but WE LOVE SLEEP!! 

Maybe we will do some home exercise and maybe do it inform of the TV!


  • Km driven this week: 
  • Places of Interest:
  • Paid Accommodation:
  • $$ Spent:
  • Gas: 
    • Litres:
    • $:
    • Places:
Sub Total (Month 4):
  • Km - 301km
  • $$ Food & Accommodation - $3677.97
  • Gas:
    • Litres Filled - 61.94L
    • $ - $93.34

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