14 Sep 2014

Port Arthur Historic Site


I found this really hard to process. 

This will need context I know, but it's hard to really explain since I'm still gob smacked about how things were back then and how things are now.

Port Arthur was a prison community where prisoner women, men and children from the age of 7 was sent to Tasmania from England as punishment. Looking at what was here before and what's here now, makes it impossible for me to kind of see where and how it all worked. 

Maybe since there is so much vegetation in between now which makes the area look smaller or I'm just not open minded to images it all - but over all it's amazing what stories can be told from the remaining buildings and grounds.

From the remaining Church ruins to the Commanders House and the other famous building like The Penitentiary was so interesting I had to do individual post on each and every one of them.
Walking around in the ruins you can only try and image how things were laid out and how thousands of years ago who people were walking in the very same spot you were but experiencing it so differently.

The grounds  are are kept so beautifully that people choose to have their weddings here! 

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