4 Sep 2014

Hassie Australian Adventure - Week 46

What a week!

Everything change and happens so quickly. Think I might have to break it down to remember.

Saturday - E and I resigned my last day of work is Friday and E is Sunday. 
Sunday - Was our day off started organise ourself. E and I took the bed out of Van Gogh and cleaned out everything. 
Monday - Back to work and finding it hard to be happy as always.
Tuesday - Same old same old, but found out some news that made us wish we didn't know. Actually decided not to go back to work as it's not worth all the trouble and stress.
Wednesday - We were going to be all moved out since we 'walked out' but E took a turn for the worse and had a seizure. He slept all day and I packed the last bit of things. By 7pm E has been feeling better and we left to enjoy our next step - Henry and E penguin Tour which turned into sleeping on the beach! 

It's was a crazy week and one we don't want to happen again. 

E is better it's is a common thing that happens - but scary none the less.

We are not to sure on our next step but have some 'leads'. 

Going to explore more of Tasmania...

  • Km Driven: 653
  • Places of Interest: None
  • Paid Accommodation: 
    • Honeymoon Bay : $13
    • Treasure Island Caravan Park: $64
  • $$ Spent: $1518.31
  • Gas:
    • Liters- 71.59
    • $- $115.25
    • Places
      • Campbell Town
      • Bicheno

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