10 Sep 2014

Mt Wellington


This is the Big mountain over looking Hobart. The one that looks like it has a white rocket that is ready to take off. 

Did you know you can actually drive up to the top! It's a lovely drive and then it turns into a scary one - with it being so high up and it feels like if you take your eyes off the road you might just drive off the edge. 

When you get to the top - it's windy and a surprisingly a lot of people. There is plenty of parking and rocks, rock and more rocks. You do have this stunning view of what feels like your looking over the whole of Tasmania. Above seeing a lot you get to see both the North and South Burnie Island, the Tasman Peninsula and plenty of ocean water.

It's quite remarkable to be up there looking down on everything that looks so small. 

It's just surreal being up there looking down and seeing everything as a whole, getting lost in everything and the significance of is being a dot when your down there. When looking up at the mountain you just think 'well ok it's a mountain' nothing to special, plenty of those around.

If you EVER find yourself in Hobart - take that scary roller coster drive up to Mr Wellington, you won't regret it!

Glad we got to do this before leaving Tasmania!

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