18 Sep 2014

Port Arthur - Seperate Prison


This was the most interesting to see, I know I have been saying this a lot for all these Port Arthur Posts.
I was imaging this place to be like a asylum, where people had padded walls and nothing in the rooms but I was surprised to see hammocks, tables and books.

I understand that they were locked up for 23 hours each day in a single cells. Where they ate, slept and worked with just one hour a day allowed for exercise alone in a high walled yard. 

The separate prison was designed to deliver a newer form of punishment, of reforming the convicts through isolation and contemplation.

They have a church inside the building where your in a cubical just like a coffin standing up where you can only see in front of you where the reverend would preach and the only time they were allowed to use their voice was when they sang, and standing there while they place 'prisoners sining', you get goosebumps.

It's was said that throughout the whole separate prison it was so quite, that the convicts had to and reflect on what crime they have committed.

New convicts would go strait into the separate prison where they are stripped of their possessions, hair and their beard is cut and get given a number which is what they will be referred to within the separate prison. 

Somewhat feel like this should come back into our society for prisoners these days. I feel some are treated better than what our elderly in aged care facilities are treated!

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