22 Sep 2014

Old Hobart Town


A replica of the original layout of how Hobart looked in the early 1820s. 

This display of old Hobart took 3 year to research and set up. It's made of 400 little people and few buildings.

Walking through the model of Hobart and thinking back on how it looks today. It's sad to see almost nothing resembling the 1820's like this, or not that I am able to tell. 

We almost take it all for granted and kind of expect things to be what it is now. You don't think or realise all the work that goes into preserving such buildings with 'kids these days' and not just them but the weather as well. 

I would love to see everything as it was those years ago - to walk thru the buildings almost reliving how they lived. To think they survived with no electricity, Internet or Google. 

Times surely has changed, in some way for the better in others for the worse.

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