28 Jul 2017

Trash the Dress

After we got married and I found out that people trash their wedding dress I wanted to do the same! Only after 5years of living in a box in the cupboard I finally decided to now it's time!
Originally I was just gonna wait for the colour run and get them to throw colour at my beautiful white dress but I can't wait till then! I need things done now... so tie dye! 

I got the colour and decided of different styles I like the ombré effect and rainbow ombré but I thought it's all in or nothing so I went for 5 colours and the traditional spiral! I can tell you it made me worry, I like things in a certain way and like to know what it will look like... but this year is about letting go Chante remember to let go and welcome what happens.

So I first read and re read all instructions did my research and found out the material is polyesters ok so might not be as bright cause most tie dyes are for cotton. My first application of colour blue!! Then soon all the other colours followed! 

7hours later I started to Rinse it out and detestation - it's all light almost pastel colours very hard to see. I mean it's still pretty but I am all ready for BOOM in your face colour. 

Watch this space I might come up with a plan B!

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