26 Jul 2017

Kind Soul

Have you ever come across someone who really affected your life? 

I happens to meet the wonderful lady who's name I don't even know, we started stalking at a friends going away and after discussing the normal 'where you from and how long you been here' we somehow started talking about life. I know you talk about life in almost all conversations but this time I felt she was talking to my soul. I have come across people who changed my way of looking at life but only after I have come accross them and looked back at the discussion.

Today when I met this person she made me cry, not cause I sad but because I felt so free and comfortable so much where my soul could really show how much I appreciate her kind words, love and beautiful energy! 

Today I got to properly enjoy how the universe really throws people in you life and they give you what you need! Today I realised it then and there rather than having to look back at "What was that?"! I want to thank you!! Thank you for connecting me with myself, for allowing me to breakdown and cry in a busy pub where I didn't know anyone but E and the friend who is leaving and thank you universe for sending this person my way for and saying what was said and giving my soul what it needed to hear! 

Today I am 
grateful and have a heart full of love for the universe!


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