7 Jul 2014

Tasmanian International Beerfest


What an experience, the day was filled with excitement. After driving the rest of the day down to Hobart and finding it hard to park as some of the streets were blocked off for the christmas parade.

After that was all done, excitement were ahead. First stop was the Salamaca Markets for some food and then across the road for the Beer festival.

I am not a big fan of beer therefore I got the ticket for 'No Alcohol'. I found when I did taste some of E drinks people was giving me odd looks, I realised later on that people most likely thought I was pregnant - don't stress its only a burger in my stomach. 

E on the other hand enjoyed himself having a few 'tastings' and then going back for actual drink. Must say he got a bit tipsy. 

On a different note - although I hardly drank anything I am the one who lost my sunnies. I may have left them in the toilet and ran back just as I walked out... They were gone!! arghhhhh

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