25 Sep 2015

House Hunting

I don't know if this is the same for everyone but what trouble. E and I are on the process of looking for our own little rabbit hole that we could rent for a bit and dip our toes into the grown up world.

E and I have been talking about out 'future' and what we would to do or achieve in the next few years. 

First on our 'to do ' list was to find a little place to call home - Our home. Somewhere where we could rome free and leave mess until there is hot cutlery left or clean plates (that's over exaggerating). 

This seen all good and well, the only problem it seems is, to get one is hard! The 'market' is good and people are willing to rent there places but it appears to many rental companies will only let you apply for a property if you have physically viewed them yourself or someone on your behalf. Seem reasonable I know but having 'viewing' times during working hours makes it difficult for anyone involved. 

This seems to be a our biggest problem since I just started a new job and still unsure about hours and how far I can temp my luck. 

Will keep you posted 

Keep your fingers crossed!

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