5 Feb 2016


Do you remember these?

I remember getting one and waiting up till 12am just to rest the clock and get my little egg on the same time frame so we can sleep the same time. 
I remember trying to keep it alive while going to school and playing 'life'. Its crazy think how much this little thing has brought back so much memories.

Our good friends send me one, and just out of the blue, where I didn't even know who it came from. They remembered me talking about it and reminiscing about 'the good old days'.

Its has changed a lot seeing I have reset it each many a time by jut pressing 'select' twice in a row. It doesn't tell me how old it is (since I haven't reset it) but its still alive and hasn't died yet TOUCH WOOD. 

Thank you Hellen and Kuldar, its been so fun!!

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