31 Jan 2015

Ryan's Lookout




We have been meaning to do this walk since we arrive. reminding each other every day 'today will be the day' but it never happened. Today it finally happened and wowwy was a hard one! 

Both E and I did not expect the level of fitness required for this walk! Kudos to both of us on persevering and making it to the lookout all in one piece. I must admit, that it's no really that extreme, it's the deceiving 'small' hills with their steep incline and what seems to be the end of the world drops! 

After picking up our lungs off the floor, on the way up and ensuing we keep our skin intact on the way down, we got to what looked like heaven. The beautiful sunbeams streaming thru the trees and in the distances, the purple, blue mountain peaks showing off their impressive beauty. We were stunned and all that huffing and puffing was long forgotten. 

Enjoying the view and getting lost in the beauty, we had to make a quick escape to ensure we get home before the sunsets and darkness falls on us. Walking back in the dark isn't something we prepared ourselves for, so off we went just about forgetting that we just been thru and what seemed to be marathon of steep hills. It's amazing how quick you forget you just did a few minuets ago and that your body will quickly remind you!! 

Argh after what seemed too long we made it home and happy to say "we have done the lookout!!"

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