19 Jan 2015

Lier Lier pants on fire

What a day!! My heart has never gone this crazy since I first fell in love with E. 'What your heart doesn't flutter anymore for E' it does but differently but that's besides the point! 

There was two Separates Surprises.

First my brother!! 

I knew he had the day off so he would be lounging around doing nothing as young lazy teenage boys do. I texted him as ergot off the plane asking him if he could do me a big favor! 

After that I rang him trying to find out where he while frantically looking around to spot him in the crowds. First it's the discussion on what he needs to do but then as I do well I change the subject just so it domestic seem strange so me to only talk 'business'. After 5 minuets I still don't spot him and I impatiently ask him where he is, just as E approaches me. I turn to look in the crowds when E is like he behind you ... Bam SURPRISE!! 

He didn't expect it. Oh my lady Gaga I'm a good lier! Or maybe he is just that blond!

We then spend the afternoon I the city while we wait for mum to get home from work! 

But that is for the next post!! 


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