29 Jan 2015

Good Morning Sunshine


Being woken up at 5am by your husband because HE can't sleep - isn't always welcome on your day off! But I love him and so I woke up too. 

Lying in bed staring at the dark roof, trying to keep my eyes open and not fall back asleep. I suggested we watched the sun rise! Seeing we never are up this early we both jumped at the idea and got dressed in warmer cloths to explore to outside morning world we rarely see! 

Walking out in the brisk cold morning air, being reminded of how lucky we are to be able to call this beautiful location home, we were welcomed by fog. Not very helpful when we are trying to see a sun rise from behind the lodge. None the less we walked around hoping to get some interesting photos and/or experiences! 

We were obviously greeted by the cows, 'moo to you too' and the wallabies enjoying the bit of peace before the day is taken over by the blaring sun! It's so peaceful you can get lost in the wind blowing in your hair! 

This will be a spot E and I will always remember. I am glad we almost got to see the perfect sunrise, at lease we saw pink clouds and fog.

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