25 Jan 2015

Hassie Australian Adventure - Week 57

Oh my the weeks go by so quick! Like I mentioned in the last weekly post, E and I will be disappearing to Perth in a blink of an eye! You may have read our quick adventure already but if you have missed them here they are

So we're back on the mountain on the other side of the island and I am finding myself thinking about how life will be when we get back. E and I have been discussing how we felt when we got there (other than the excitement of surprising everyone) it felt like nothing changed even though it's been a year! It felt like we never left not even for a second, yes things has changed and people look a bit different but it's like we have been there all this time. 

This is where it gets concerning that we will just go back to how thing use to be. No reason for working, no where planned to travel to, no thought of just leaving for a few days any where - nothing. 

My biggest concern is that we will be going back to just seeing each other for 30min a day. Seeing more of each other was the main reason for our Hassie Adventure. That is something that defiantly makes me wish we never have to work or need money for.

All these things E and I will very much like to prevent from happening again and keep what we have learned and gained from our adventure. 

Time is the only thing that will tell... It's a waiting game and one we will change if we don't like the out come!

Weekly Total:
  • Km Driven this week - 294km
  • Places of Interest - Heaven
        • Perth
  • Paid Accommodation - None
  • $$ Spent - $1926.14
  • Gas 
    • Litres - 48.15L
    • $ - $72.18
    • Places - Aratula
      • Pacific Petroleum 

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