3 Jan 2015

Looking Back at 2014

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

This year has been to most emotionally challenging one. This time of year after all the busy of christmas and starting to settle into the new year, I like to think back of what became of the year before.

Writing it down (on here) has been therapeutic for reflect and cherish the moments and memories created in the days, months and year gone.

Some of what I might mention today will not have been posted on here yet, but be rest assured I will gather my thoughts and write about them and you can then enjoy my gibberish, if you wish. Thoughs thought I have written down I'll be link it for you to read a bit more.

I feel this year was a BIG one to look back on.

  • We walked out 
  • Slept on a beach (Click here to read)
  • We left Tasmania after 9 months
  • Worked on the highest none alpine lodge in Australia
  • I drove 947km in one day NEW RECORD
  • Became an aunty/uncle again - Meet Kane
  • We did long distance relationship
  • Celebrated our third wedding anniversary 
  • E grew a Beard
  • Been doing Photo A Day for 2 years now (See all here)
  • Moved into our first Rabbit Hole
  • Pushed/Challenge myself to work in a different work place
  • Drive on the Great Ocean Road
  • Woke up next to some spectacular views
  • Played the biggest golf course in southern hemisphere 
  • Realised who is friends/family worth being around
  • Stopped our Hassie Australian Adventure (Click here to read)
  • I Drove more than 20,000km all around Australia
  • Tried logging
  • Did our first wine pairing 
  • Saw the 12 Apostles
  • I killed a cow (accidentally)
  • Almost climbed Mt Kosciusko
Bring on the new Memories.

Look Back:

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