7 Jan 2015

New Years Resolutions 2015

Well last year we failed at getting some Resolution ticked off. We have thought of some new ones and review some old ones and lets see how we got this year.

  1. Continue with my Photo a Day - I have been doing this for a little while and would like to continue trying to do it for as long as possible. 
  2. Spend more time together - I know we are attached at the hip, but I feel like it important to still make time for each other. 
  3. Be more open to try something new - exactly what it says, we would like to try all new and different things.
  4. Have a exercise routine - and really just try, no pressure just make an effort.
  5. Save money to travel - what makes the world turn? sadly money and for us to see the world we need to make sure we have more of it.
  6. Have little to no debt - really ties in with the one above, we need to get rid of unnecessary expenses for us to save more to travel.
  7. Read (my age) 25 books - I like to read and I have never counted how many books in a year, lets see how many I did. 
  8. Make active plans to travel overseas - we want to see as much of whats out there while we can. 
  9. Focus on things we re passionate about - Hobbies, life, travels, you name it and we are passionate about it we want to spend more time doing what we love. 
  10. Go on mini adventures - while we wait for money, we need to make sure we stay sane.
  11. Eat more conscientiously - be more aware where our food is coming from and an effort to purchase better looked after meat, vegetables and other items we choose to eat. 
Lets see how we go this year. Fingers Crossed.

Lets Look Back:

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