4 Jan 2016

Looking back at 2015

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

This year has been the year we are getting our next adventure planned and organised! Like years before I like to think back of the year that's been.

Writing it down (on here) has been therapeutic to reflect and cherish the moments and memories created in the days, months and year gone.

Some of what I might mention today will not have been posted on here yet, but be rest assured I will gather my thoughts and write about them soon. You can then enjoy my gibberish, if you wish. Thoughts thought I have written down I'll be link it for you to read a bit more.

This year doesn't feel like a big one but still a year worth looking back on.
  • I got to see the Pinnacles
  • Went to New Norcia
  • Started donating Blood again
  • Started donating Plasma
  • Is exited to be an Auntie/uncle again in 2016
  • Celebrated our Forth wedding anniversary
  • Been doing Photo A Day for 3 years now (See Here)
  • Still living in our First Rabbit Hole
  • Got to see the ANZAC Dawn Services
  • Planned and payed for Fiji
  • Planned and payed for a adventure I can't yet share
  • Loan for our debt 
  • Got to go to Adventure World
  • Went to see a Comedian
  • Got to see Miranda Signs live
  • Got to see the No Filter Show 
  • Ou mensies moved back home
  • Went to an Art Opening of a good friends exhibition 
  • See the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra
  • Swim with Dolphin (in the wild)
  • Camping with friends
  • Dared to shop on Boxing day
  • stayed up till 00:00
Look Back:


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