27 Jan 2016

New Norcia

A town of creepy. Its a bit of a ghost town I mean as we arrived it there almost no one to see. I know it was a Monday and really the town is only full of monks but seeing it's such an attraction I though there would be more grousing traffic. 

If we were a bit more organised E and I would have just made it to join the guided tour (3/4hours or guide) but we missed it and didn't want to wait 3/4 hours till the next one while we still need to find our next sleeping spot. 

We walked around the quiet historical town and really tiered to comprehend how things use to be back in the day! The buildings are just stunning and majestic in their old bold statements! 

I'd like to do the tour and see what they can tell you about the now monk driven town! I'll bring a friend that aunts Australian who can be just as surprised about old facts like I would be!!

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