16 Dec 2015

My Ou Mensies

Yes you, it is time for us to say goodbye. People say you forget how lucky you are to have your grandparents around the corner. 

Since E and I started our travels, I realised what is important in life and who is worth keeping close. Leaving the nest is hard but the realisation that people you held near and dear to your heart don’t feel the same is worse, but knowing that your family is always may take some a while to realise. 

You have made the choice to move back to Africa. Saying that is ok, I know you will be fine, and be with family we don’t get to see but for me its hard as your are nou not just around the corner, but an 11hour flight away. Yes Skype is there and the social media thing, but internet lags and time zones bug….

I guess over all I just want to say I love you, E and I both will miss your story telling, little nags and advice. Until we travel to your side of the world and explore the old home land. Keep the kettle boiled, it won’t be long then we see you again.

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