9 Dec 2015

Debt Consolidation

I know I know, Its awful that we got ourselves in such an situation but when you are young you don’t know any better than using money that isn’t yours. 

I want to write this down and remember how it started, then when its all over and we NEVER (saying it more for myself) get back into something like that again. I know, just how easily it can happen again.  

Let me break it down:

Credit Card 1 $10,000
Credit Card 2 $11,500
Credit Care 3 $6,000
Total of $26,500

Over the years we have been paying more than the minimum monthly payment. An amount exceeding at times $1300 a month but not realising that most of it get eaten by the interest rates- POINTLESS. Always thought its all stupid Grown up things - Well “Hello Chante’, your a grown up now"

Yes we can say its never really kept us from doing things as realistically we got married having some of this debt, we went traveling around Australia with the debt and its only just been recently where E and I have been thinking about traveling more aboard, we found that its drowning us from future possibilities. 

Today we applied for a Debt Consolidation loan from NAB and the amount we are relying on it being approved is mind blowing as for us this is the start of trying to make active plans for traveling around the world. Even Active plans on starting to live life to its fullest and not being made felt like we can’t do anything because of always working about having to pay our Credit Cards - now realising its alway been a devil card.

If there is one thing I can give you advice of, is that - never hand over your soul to the Devil Cards. Yes its easy money but you pay for it all thru your life. 

Have any of you ever made a mistake that has followed you for 8 years?

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