7 Dec 2015

Last Goodbyes

While travelling around we made some great friends, even better is when you com across some lovely people who them selves are traveling and started the same time we have and just happened to start from the same location. 

Few months down the road from travel world we come across each other and just hit it off.  While traveling you often say goodbye but we always know we will eventually see them again. This time it was different, this time it meant a much longer time and vast physical distance between the possibly to see each other again. 

Helen and Kuldar has to go back to 'home' Estonia as their working/holiday visa has run out so this time, they both has kept a blog about their travels that I will just leave HERE and HERE. It is in a different language but like me you can either use google translate or enjoy their beautiful photos they took creating memories. 

Even thought it was a hard goodbye,  we love knowing it will aways be a warm welcoming hello when we eventually see each other again. 

Till we see you again!!

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