23 Dec 2015

Dear Old Soul

While working as a nurse and recently starting in community I never thought a single person can touch your life so much like this client has. 

When I first started seeing this client he was very grumpy and non compliant, I have been told he gets angry and don’t look after himself. So just like everyone, I had made up my mind about him even before I got to see him. 

Over the time of a month I started to notice he has some interest in music and only asked him what kind he enjoys. Well that sparked it, visit after visit we would discuss music and he would copy me a disk and say “Something for the car”, “Something you need to listen to LOUD”, “does you husband mind all these CD”. I must admit at times I’d be annoyed that he would give me 4 or 5 CD each time I would visit.

The visit before the last time I saw him, we got to talking and it was a conversation that will stay with me forever, he said to me this particular visit that he had this song playing over and over in his head

Happy Days Are Here Again by Annette Henshaw 

He said he didn’t have a copy of it but it kept playing in his mind. One thing led to another and we started speaking about his late wife and their life they spent together.  Two days later he had a bad fall and ended up in hospital, I never got to see him again. He stayed my mind all through out that time until we got advised he sadly passed away. 

I am writing about him to remember the impact he had on my life and even though I may only have looked after him for a few months - I will always remember the time he reassured me he has lived his life and that it maybe his time to go. 

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