30 Dec 2015

Who Am I?

My mum popped by and we got to the topic of ones self. The questions that was asked is 'Who am I?'

Think about it, strip away all the things like work life 'Nurse', relationship title 'Wife' and what you spend most time on 'Blogging', Who are you left with?

At first my thoughts went into panic mode because being a wife is what I hold most dearest and to me and being a nurse is something I worked hard for. I then came to the realisation that it's what I am and not who I am. 

I started listing qualities like caring, thoughtful, kind, talkative, patient, faithful, creative but realised I was only looking at the 'good' when no one is 100% perfect. So I started listing my 'negative' qualities and I found this to be a lot harder, maybe because I try to always improve myself or maybe I didn't want to admit to some. 

So I asked the husband and he did not dare mention anything but made the comment that 'good' qualities can be seen as negative ones, then I realised!

 I'm honest and sometimes to honest, I am a possessive person, I'm grumpy (the husband agrees),I'm fussy and touchy (not the physical way). 

Mentioning all these good or negative qualities made me realise I can still add to who you are. Everyday you start a new slate and choose who you are that day. I wake up in my week of Sunday - Thursday and I can choose to go to work so I'm Chanté the nurse. On My weekend of Friday and Saturday I wake up and choose to lazy! 
Generally I wake up and choose to be Chante' the kind, fussy, wife who is patient, faithful and very talkative. The hand full of people, who surrounds her everyday - by choice - don't have to, but still chooses to be there. 

For now I'm Happy with the little bit I have come to realise is me! Tomorrow who know I might wake up with super powers! 

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